Paolo A. Ruggeri

Paolo A. Ruggeri is a founding partner of OSM International Group, a USA based management consulting company with existing offices in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, offering unique analyzing tools and business development methods with proven results for over 25 years.
Paolo is an expert in leadership and people development. His books on the subject have been translated into several languages and have become best sellers in Europe and the Americas.
One of his books, The New Leaders, has sold over 50,000 copies and is a best seller both in Europe and in the United States.
Tens of thousands of people worldwide have been inspired by his speeches and thousands of small and mid-size enterprises have benefited from the effective tools and concepts he has developed for professional and personal growth.
Paolo has delivered speeches alongside Tom Peters, Stephen Covey, Kjell, and Nordstrom, just to name a few.

Inside trainings provided by Paolo Ruggeri:

Who are the New Leaders? Who are the people shaping the future of modern business? This course, based on Paolo Ruggeri’s best selling book, will share the secret of how 20% of the population controls 80% of the wealth. It will further explain what all the other business owners and professionals are doing wrong, and what you can do now to achieve success.

This course is a mix of skills and abilities that a company can no longer afford to ignore if it really wants to survive in the modern market. It contains ideas and practical steps with simple tips for the small and medium business entrepreneurs that focus on the strategic and vital factors of expansion: Employees, Finance, Marketing & Sales, and most important of all, the morals of the entrepreneur.
These recommendations are derived from the successful experiences of entrepreneurs and managers, our own customers, who have produced double-digit revenue growth despite the recession.

This course develops the ability to communicate in public. Often, when investing in communications, businesses take into account only the technological aspects (tools) and not the quality, technique and individual ability of the speaker. You thus end up merely increasing the number of words spoken, but not the communication which, when it is effective, produces tangible and statistically measurable improvements.
In fact, the success of a speaker depends 50% on the personality and 50% on the technical aspects of information delivery.
This Public Speaking Course will teach you: how to overcome stage fright, how to professionally manage an audience, how to organize the room, how to design a speech, and everything you need to capture the audience’s interest.