Peter Ivanov

Peter Ivanov is Manager, Entrepreneur and Virtual teams Expert with over 20 years of international experience.

Born in Bulgaria he graduated Mathematics and joined a multinational company as Data Analyst. He quickly became IT Manager for Bulgaria and gradually worked his way up to IT Services Manager for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. Peter recognized the growing importance of the teams in multiple locations and developed an innovative method for leading Virtual teams.

In 2007 the Team led by Peter won the “Best of the Best” award for outstanding Project management in establishing global Shared services.

In 2012 his Team won the “Global IT Connect Award” for excellent Engagement in a global cross-functional environment.

In 2013 Peter founded “Virtual Power Teams” and started new career as Keynote speaker and Executive coach on New Leadership.

Peter is a passionate athlete and World Senior Champion in Discus. He actively supports young Talents in the fields of mathematics and sports.

In his dynamic keynote speeches and master classes, held in English, German, Bulgarian and Russian, Peter uses the experience he has gained as Manager, Athlete, Entrepreneur and, yes, the father of five little girls, to show you how to build up and lead your own successful Virtual Teams.

As an expert in New Leadership Peter supports managers to retain the gravity of their Team despite the geographical distance, age and cultural differences, and deliver Top business performance!

The trainings Derek Arden provides:

How to deliver projects quicker, reduce cost and develop your organisation for the future!

The Keynote speech “Virtual Power Teams” provides a mix of ‘proven in practice’ management methods and powerful and emotive leadership stories that raise incentive for top performance and successful large virtual team management in international organisations.

The speech takes one hour and is an ideal starter for a corporate or public event, setting the tone for corporate Conferences or Team building meetings as well as for visionary, planning or Strategic meetings.

It outlines the 10 critical success factors for leading Virtual Teams based on the Award winning method:  “Virtual Power Teams”


    • How to achieve effective communication despite the geographical distance
    • How to motivate your team spread across multiple locations and establish a winning spirit
    • How to align individual goals with the team’s objectives in order to achieve fantastic business results

The Leadership Training “Virtual Power Teams” is a 1 or 2 days training which supports managers to unlock the full potential of their teams. It is designed to fit the needs of Middle and Senior Managers

Through various coaching exercises the manager discovers his strengths, and is led with practical guidance to set the vision and goals of his team, establish communication structures and an optimal virtual culture – thus laying the foundation for a successful Team.

The Training is based on the award winning method “Virtual Power Teams” where the 10 key success factors are customised appropriately to relate to the reality of the manager’s team and organisation.


    • How to unite people despite age, gender, and cultural differences into a high performing team
    • How to support and nurture different Cultures in order to deliver Projects quicker
    • How to leverage your teams’ Diversity to master the challenges of the Future

This is a One or Two Days – Team Workshop.

The workshop outlines the differences between Virtual & Local Teams and highlights the 10 key success factors for leading virtual teams i.e. the 10 Big Rocks.

It shows how to reveal and reap leverage on Individual strengths, how to set Team Vision and

Goals, establish structured communications and ensure a Winning spirit.

Through a series of Coaching exercises, virtual project simulation and facilitated group reflection, the Team is supported, aligned, united and enabled to unleash its power to reach outstanding business results.


    • Are you ready to leverage the new ways of finding and inspiring your employees in the Global working environment
    • How to use the diversity of your Team to conquer new Markets
    • How to unleash the Virtual Power and unite your Team for Top Performance

As humans we live in Stories and therefore we are strongly influenced by stories.
Anything from the Bible, our children books and the best leadership speeches in
history contain stories.
But what is the secret of a good story winning the hearts of the Audience?
The international Keynote Speaker – Peter Ivanov reveals the formula of a great
In his Workshop storytelling for effective leadership and sales he will guide through
specially design exercises and lots of feedback until you become a Masterful


• The Formula for a great story
• Effective Rhetoric Tools
• Sales Canvas – how to build the Unique story of yourself, your product or
• Specially designed exercises and lots of Feedback
In order to bring your Leadership and Sales skills to the next level subscribe to Peter
Ivanov’s Storytelling workshop!