The Event

June 03, 2022 / Online in Zoom/ Physical

After the extremely positive feedback from the event held on October 25, 2019., February 12, 2020 and 19 November 2020 events on “Leadership and People Management” we promised to schedule a next date.

Leadership – Now, more than ever, senior and middle management leadership is crucial to:
– Retention and motivation of valuable employees;
– Creating security and concentration of employees;
– Commitment to the company’s goals, despite the difficulties;

In the growing need for effective team management in the company, the Employer of Choice 2020 study showed a deterioration in the reliability of leaders and managers, their response to the Covid-19 pandemic and how much employees can rely on them.

Leadership is a behavior that can be learned and must be practiced. Find out how from the top speaker, manager and owner of 13 businesses with over 350 employees worldwide – Paolo Ruggeri. Find out more about him in the “About the speaker” section and you will find out why we chose him for the much needed topic “Leadership”.
A one-day seminar, during which we will focus on change management in 2022 with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee of ToTheTop Agency. The training is held for the third time in our country.

What are the key characteristics of Leaders during a pandemic?
How to keep and manage different types of people in the current situation?
What prevents us from being a Leader in practice and how to remove our barriers?
How to generate pure enthusiasm – The fuel of the team, despite the crisis and uncertainty?
What changes people and what really “burns” them?
Who is it for:
✔️ Team managers from large companies – high, medium and operational level
✔️ Business owners
✔️ Managers and managers from medium and small companies


Paolo A. Ruggeri is the author of 4 bestsellers and the owner of 13 working businesses worldwide. On a daily basis, Paolo Ruggers works with owners and managers at different levels, side by side, applying first-hand what you will hear at the training.

The consulting firm he founded in Italy more than 27 years ago already has over 350 consultants in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America. Monthly Paolo Ruggeri, along with 80 of his most successful consultants, runs MBS Business Academy in Bologna, Italy with over 150 participants each month on topics such as Management, Finance, Effective Delegation, Stress Management and Demotivating Factors, Leadership and more!

This allows Mr. Ruggeri to always be on the cusp of change, with current and most importantly – tried and tested in real-world environments, across cultures and latitudes, including in Bulgaria (since 2011).

In 2015, Paolo Ruggeri held the first Leadership Seminar at the invitation of ToTheTop Agency, which was attended by 167 participants at the Inter Expo Center, Sofia. The effect of training then, more and more inquiries about leadership training and the results of the Graduate Survey and Employer of Choice surveys, which showed the need to improve leadership in companies, convinced us that training on this topic needed to be repeated. We believe that Paolo Ruggeri is the most suitable for this training among managers in Bulgaria and that is why we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee!



Session 1 

  • The quality that every manager must train to create opportunities for himself and the team in every situation!
  • Characteristics of the Leader in a tarpaulin
  • The winning actions of Paolo Ruggeri in 2020

Coffee Break

Session 2 

  • The motivation for Leaders – building leaders and strong employees in times of crisis
  • Types of employees, crisis response and effective management – it is possible to increase the value of the employee in a “storm”

Lunch Break

Session 3 

  • What do colleagues and clients in Crisis value and how can we provide it to them?
  • Creating value, managing finances and customer relationships in 2020
  • Finance, investment and focus 2021

Coffee Break

Session 4 

  • What kind of people to look for in the Crisis and how to recognize them?
  • The winning actions for 2021.



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