Mitja Korelc

Mitja Korelc is a Senior Territory Manager for South East Europe at Linkedin.

Every day he comes to work with a drive to create meaningful economic opportunities for members in South East Europe. He is motivated by placing the right people in the right positions to transform the lives of members and help them to execute their and the company’s vision. Since 2015, Linkedin membership in Bulgaria grew to 820k Members and 16k Companies which are represented on the Linkedin network. Seeing the career growth, talent development, and success stories of thousands of members in SEE is beyond inspiring.

He started his work experience on the individual contributor and team leader roles in Prague, Czech Republic, always working and partnering with companies in CEE&SEE. He accepted a new challenge 6 years ago and relocated to Ireland with a mission to deliver Linkedin’s best experiences and practices to members in South East Europe.

As other first time parents would know, there is very little time left outside work and parenting, but he always finds the time for a video chat with family and friends, cook hearty food with Mediterranean flavors, and a Zwift training.