Pontica Solutions – Евгени Борисов ( съосновател и оперативен директор )

За Pontica Solutions

For 4 years, Pontica Solutions evolved from a small Bulgarian start-up into one of the fastest-growing BPO (business process outsourcing) companies in the country offering opportunities for young talent to develop and grow in the field of customer success, people management, project management, marketing and IT. 

Our main goal is to create a sustainable and diverse team because we believe that our people are our biggest asset. We provide a dynamic workplace and a positive environment, invest in their development and encourage fun and team-building initiatives. We love to treat our workplace as home and we spend many hours together participating in sports activities, charity events and social initiatives.

This year, we became the only Bulgarian company with 3 Stevies in the 16th Annual International Business Awards® (Company of the year, Founding Team of the Year, People’s Choice Award). Pontica was the top vote-getter in the Business Services category among more than 30 companies (from 4 continents and markets such as Australia, USA, Canada).

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За Евгени Борисов

Evgeni Borisov is the Co-Founder and Operations Director of Pontica Solutions. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Networks and Telecommunications at the Technical University in Sofia. He has been working in the outsourcing industry for more than 10 years, starting at the first step of the career ladder, gradually making his way up through the corporate structure of two of the biggest outsourcing companies in Bulgaria, but he always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

As an Operations Director, he is responsible for overseeing all commercial operations to ensure all outsourced processes meet the expected high standards of quality and efficiency.

Despite being part of the senior strategic management, he treats everyone with respect; knows how important it is for everyone to be heard, strongly believes that all opinions matter and is always available to share and learn.