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We organize business seminars and trainings that bring experience and innovative practices to your company!

Our events focus on

✓ employer branding

✓ sales

✓ negotiation

✓ leadership

✓ motivation

✓ communication

✓ team building

– the core skills for a successful business.


Employer Brand Management is a holistic management process that brings the human element to the fore in companies and involves the functioning of a company, its productivity, performance and the happiness of its people. 

Our Employer Brand management services include:

✓ Employer brand development and Management project

✓ Graduate Survey

✓ Student Camp

✓ Employer Branding events


Softskills academy is a service offered by ToTheTop Agency, which aims to provide internal business trainings to the companies in Bulgaria.

Here are some of our speakers and topics:

✓ Paolo Ruggeri – Leadership and Public speaking

✓ Derek Arden – Negotiation and Sales

✓ Ali Ayaz – Employer Brand Management

✓ Grant Leboff – Sales and Marketing Strategies

We are happy when they are happy!


“The event (Employer Branding Strategies in Action) was an exceptional and unforgettable experience – I got much better idea of ​​what Employer Branding is and what the possible strategies in action are. The lecturers were able to inspire and motivate me to put their recommendations and examples into my work, and they also gave me a lot of new ideas and realizations. And last but not least, the opportunity to exchange experience with other HR specialists dealing with this subject added value to my participation in the event.”

Elena PetrovaDM Bulgaria

“Among all the events organized by “To The Top” I want to distinguish those with Derek Arden. It’s a must for everyone looking for a way to develop themselves or their business to take time to meet Mr. Arden. Contacting him gave me many answers. “To The Top” will help you find the answers to the questions you care about!”

Petar ValkanovBusiness Ownerhttps://

“I had the opportunity to take part in one of the To The Top trainings and I want to share that I was very impressed with the professionalism through which everything was organized. The things I have seen and learned there will be very useful to me for the future. I strongly recommend that you join the next events!”

Petar Stoyanov AIM Travel Ltd.


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