Benjamin Bargetzi, Google Zurich

Benjamin is a tech enthusiast, scientist & entrepreneur, and a recognized expert on topics surrounding digital transformation and psychology in business. He is currently working for Google Zurich as a Senior Account Manager and was previously working as EU Operations Program Manager at Amazon in Seattle, London and Luxembourg. Prior to entering the tech industry, he was a Senior Strategy Consultant for Europe’s leading Future Institute, and, during his time in Oxford, London, Singapore & Zurich, researched the functionality of the human brain together with world-leading scientists across the globe. Eager to support people in need, Benjamin has also been leading in and initiating different social impact projects, including the global think tank ACIT (Association for Critical and Interdisciplinary Thinking). As a speaker, he has been invited by Fortune 500 companies, governments, and top universities alike to speak on success strategies for the digital transformation process, what the world will look like in 2035, and what we can learn from cognitive & neurosciences to become better business leader