29 March 2019, IEC Sofia



The Event

Employer Branding Best Practices is the seventh of a series of events on Employer Branding in Bulgaria. On the event we will share with the audience the best practices of some of the top global comapnies. Their representatives will share which techniques have managed to radically change the workflow and which have helped them improve their image to the world.

On March 29 expect proven professionals from some of the largest companies, who will share best practices in employer branding – what exactly they do and how to apply it!

What you will learn:

Steps for creating a successful strategy to attract and retain talent

Key Employer Brand attributes that attract and retain talent

Benchmarking of good practices

How to identify and meet the employee’s needs and expectations?

Key touchpoints in the employee/candidate experience

Create engaging brand messages/stories

Empower employees to become brand ambassadors

Identify the most effective communication channels

Employer Branding via social media and the role of the mobile technologies


Alberto Platz – VP Global Talent Acquisition & Engagement at Swarovski

Alberto Platz is working for Swarovski for over 32 years – the first eleven years based in Barcelona selling their crystal components in the B2B area, managing the Spanish and Portuguese Markets and the next thirteen years for the Gemstones Business holding several positions as Sales Director in the European and Middle Eastern Territories.

In 2012 he has joined the Corporate HR team as the Global Director of Engagement and in addition in 2015 he has took over the internal and external HR communication and the talent acquisition topics from a global strategic perspective. 

 Alberto Platz – “I’m still very proud to be Swarovski”

Eugenio Villamizar – HR Director Iberia at Bacardi

Eugenio Villamizar is the HR Director Iberia at Bacardi.

He is Human Resources leader with a consolidated international and commercial experience. Develops strategy and drives execution with Leadership team to achieve desired, sustainable business results demonstrating effective leadership and as a valued team member.

Strong ability to “connect the dots” and deliver a compelling story that is cross-functional, implies support and drive from all management levels, to successfully execute change.

Malique Steenbrink-  Employer Branding & Online requiter marketeer at Quoratio

Malique is Employer Branding & Online Recruitment Marketeer. She is responsible for all content around a company’s Employer Brand, Employee Experience and the entire Employee Journey.

You can also find her on social media. Malique took part of the organisation of Onboard.amsterdam – annual event which met over 800 attendees in 2018 focused at company onboarding processes. 

Her mission: to tell stories from the heart of the organization. She would love to tell you also more about recruiting, onboarding, transforming manpower in thinking and decisiveness ambassadors of your company.


Как да открием хората, които търсим?

Don’t think little. Think Lidl – иновативен проект на Лидл България за набиране на служители  



Session 1 – Coming soon

What you will learn?

Coming soon

Session 2 How employee storytelling can help you develop a real Employer Brand Identity? – Malique Steenbrink

What you will learn?

Today’s challenge is most about attracting and retaining the right talent. Storytelling is key and Employer Branding is important in every stage of the Employee Journey. Want to know how to turn your employees into ambassadors? On the 29th of March you will hear everything on how to hire for cultural fit, how to deal with content creation, distribution and adoption. Because people tell real stories and that makes your real Employer Value Proposition.

Coffee Break

Session 3 – Coming soon

What you will learn?

Coming soon

Session 4 Employer brand starts with our employees – Alberto Platz

What you will learn?

Employer Brand main objective is to attract talent to apply to our jobs. The message however will create expectations to candidates that have to match reality.This is why it has to be authentic and must be confirmed by our employees first.

The entire people management practices need to be in line with the Employer Brand message, from recruitment, to onboarding, performance management and development.

And what will we do with those candidates that will be finally declined? Will they stay still potential consumers to us?

Lunch Break

Session 5 – Culture – the perfect cocktail for Employer Branding – Eugenio Villamizar

What you will learn?

Reigniting the cultural essence of being a “Prim@“ at Bacardi has served a driver to improve employer branding after many years of changes

Session 6 – Coming soon

What you will learn?

Coming soon

Coffee Break

Session 7 – Coming soon

What you will learn?

Coming soon

Session 8 – Employer Of Choice Results


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Official Host of Employer Branding Best Practices is Inter Expo Center, Sofia.

Address: Sofia, 147 Tsarigradsko shose Blvd
Transportation: The fastest transportation is taking Sofia metro to “IEC  – Tsarigradsko shose”. Other means for transportation to the site are bus 1,3,5,6,114,384

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